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About Us

Greenspyre is a growing online community where green clubs across the globe can find inspiration, build community, share successful ideas and strategize towards effective campaigns in environmental education and action.


Greenspyre arose from a desire to do more to help young people address environmental issues more often and more effectively, especially in the school, as they prepare to tackle these issues in the world outside the classroom. 

“The time for little one-sided, laminated posters no one looks at and fundraisers that cost more to run than they raise is over,” says founder Adam Steinberg. “We need campaigns that are visible and hard to ignore; interactive and engaging; authentic and effective at getting people in our communities to understand what is going on and their place in making change.”

This is especially important as few school activities other than environmental clubs engage students in authentic activities tied clearly to the community and world outside the school's walls.



To create a robust, nonpartisan online resource to allow green clubs at English-speaking educational institutions to be more efficient and effective at activating, preparing and supporting people, primarily youth, to address the most pressing environmental problems.




We would like to see this site grow to include environmental clubs across the world on every continent, and beyond that even those in communities, within corporations—anywhere people are working together to make things better. 

Greenspyre Award

The best in environmental education and action

The Greenspyre Award is given annually to an action or campaign from a green club or individual changemaker that  shows extraordinary dedication, creativity and effectiveness. [This description and the exact nature of the award is under construction.]


Founder: Adam Steinberg

Adam was extensively involved with Earth Day Chicago in the 1990s, serving on the group's leadership team, helping spearhead educational initiatives including

  • a green-products store/exhibit on Michigan Avenue;

  • an extensive traveling exhibit, Answering the Future;

  • the planning and implementation of an environmental curriculum at Amundsen High School.


He also edited for three years the group's annual Earth Day magazine and guide, Resources, which reached a distribution of 300,000 as an insert in the Chicago Tribune.


He has had been involved in service in many ways, most recently and actively as a listings editor for the micro-financing hub. Additionally, alongside his work as an international teacher of English Language and Literature, he has founded and advised active green clubs at UWC Atlantic College in Llantwit Major, Wales and the Franconian International School in Erlangen, Germany. 

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